Can the Body Heal Itself?

Many of us are dealing with some kind of illness or knows someone who is. I personally have battled with several. This lead me to a place where I searched relentlessly to determine what I can do to help my body heal itself and increase my quality of life.

My goal? Not to be be 80 and can’t walk, in pain and full of illness. I want to be vibrant, healthy and feeling good.

This led me to think about cars. Yeah, cars.

When you get a car, you get out the owners manual to see what type of oil it takes, what size the tires are and what pressure is needed for best performance. You look at how often you should get your oil changed, tune-ups, and tires rotated what type of fuel to use. This is your new baby, and you want it to last as long as it can without having to dish out money for repairs. Then I started thinking about me.

Do I care more about my car than I do myself?

No way! So I turned to the human owners’ manual, “The Bible.” Several places in the Bible talk about food. In the beginning, God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, not the slaughterhouse of Eden.

In Daniel chapter 1, Daniel asked the king if he could have some time to have his men eat vegetables and water instead of the rich foods the kings’ men were eating and 10 days later, his men looked healthier and stronger than than those that ate the kings’ meal. Daniel was on to something.

He knew that living, electrically charged foods could help promote health and healing. Today, we call this the “plant-based diets.” Now, contrary to what people think this suggests, it doesn’t always necessarily mean plant only. There are levels to this lifestyle.

So, what does “plant-based ” mean? According to Wikipedia, “a plant-based diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including vegetablesgrainsnutsseedslegumes and fruits, and with few or no animal products. “ To me, it means increasing the amount of plant-based foods in my diet eating food the way God created it. Not enhanced, improved, reformatted (GMO) by man but whole foods. Now, this typically means that a lot of it is raw. But, let me be honest, I love a hot meal. So sometimes for me this means it’s cooked. It all comes down to the type of fuel you want your body to use: pure clean fuel or watered down fuel.

Now back to that car. If you went to a gas station and they said they added water to the fuel to stretch it, would you put that in your car? What are the implications? Engine trouble.

The more food we eat in it’s natural state, the better our bodies can use it to help fuel our bodies. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m learning to increase my intake of raw, unprocessed foods. Is it hard? Hecky Yeah! Is it worth it? Definitely! Everyday is a battle.

I have to make sure I keep fresh food stocked in the fridge so that when I reach for something, I reach for the right things that fuel my body. I had to stop making excuses and buying those foods that break down my body. Plain and simple. I decided to love myself.

So can the body heal itself? Well, I have found out, that when we give it the right fuel, it definitely helps start the process.

Here are my top five favorite raw foods for healing detoxing the body:

  1. Red Tart Cherries: This helps reduce inflammation
  2. Lemon: This power food helps the body do a number of functions including aiding the immune system by cutting mucus and delivering high doses of vitamin C
  3. Watermelon: Mostly, made of water and fiber, this fruit is like a power wash for your insides and helps aid kidney function and keeps your skin clear, too
  4. Broccoli: This bad boy has multiple potent antioxidants that help support healthy cells and tissue throughout your body
  5. Berries: Keep your memory sharp, cleanse your kidneys and fight cancer cells with these juicy fiber-filled treats

What are some of your favorite whole-food treats? Let me know in the comment section below and be sure to follow me on IG to see what types of raw foods I’m grazing on these days!

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