Hi, my name is Vik, better known as MeMaw. All my life, I’ve been attacked in the area of my health. When I was born, I contracted a staph infection in the nursery. Thus began my relationship with antibiotics. This antibiotic was so strong that my first set of teeth came in without enamel on them. (Thank God for a new set of teeth!)

But as I got older, I’ve battled over and over again with various ailments, from tonsils, measles, and mumps as a kid. To more serious problems high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, cancer and lupus as an adult. Doctors have done a lot to help. However, a lot of what they prescribed, seemed to only put a band-aid on the conditions. I wanted to get to the root of the problems and regain my health. I believe in God, and I believe He has the answers to all of our problems. After all, He created me, then He has the owners manual to what makes me operate at an optimum level.

So, I decided to go to the source. What I found out was that the body has the ability when treated properly, to heal itself. There are just a few things we have to do to ensure that we are giving it the proper fuel it needs to accomplish this goal.

This led me to do more research. In my quest to find answers, I discovered a company called Hallelujah Acres. They had a program that included a lifestyle change that has helped people to overcome various ailments. I dug deeper.

This is when I found out they had a health ministry program. A health minister is similar to a health coach. However, because this program is also based on the principles in the bible, it’s called a ministry and not just a coaching program. This seemed to be right up my alley because of my faith, I wanted people to know up front, that I was going to pray for them and myself as we looked for ways to help address their various ailments. So, I took the course. It was awesome. This program exposed me to research that showed how food, exercise and managing stress can help rebuild the body to the state in which God intended it to be. So now, here I am, sharing what I learned with others.

That’s why I’m here. To help others.

I want everyone to know that with a few changes, life can be better. It starts with me. I’m getting my health together also.

Today, I’m down almost 80 pounds, exercising, and working on making sure I take some steps to work on my stress levels. Yes, I’m a work in progress. Every day, I have to pray, encourage myself and keep working toward my goal.

On this blog, I will update you on my progress and share some of the things I’m doing to help my health improve.

If you have any comments, be sure to leave them below.